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MAMSHA, an exceptional destination on SAADIYAT Island within the SAADIYAT portfolio, is presented by Affordable Properties for Rent in Abu Dhabi, distinguishing itself as an enchanting addition. Managed by A2z Solutions, this distinctive property seamlessly blends contemporary living, artistic inspiration, and beachfront elegance. Situated in a prime location, Mamsha provides direct access to pristine beaches and a vibrant cultural scene, fostering a dynamic community. Featuring a mix of residential, retail, and leisure spaces, MAMSHA embodies the shared commitment of SAADIYAT and A2z Solutions to offer residents an affordable yet sophisticated lifestyle that harmonizes luxury with a rich cultural tapestry in the heart of Abu Dhabi.

AED 180,000 / YEAR
Saadiyat, ABU DHABI

Bedrooms: 1 / Baths: 2 / Sq Ft: 1669

AED 280,000 / YEAR
Saadiyat, ABU DHABI

Bedrooms: 2 / Baths: 3 / Sq Ft: 3400

AED 385,000 / YEAR
Saadiyat, ABU DHABI

Bedrooms: 3 / Baths: 4 / Sq Ft: 3243

AED 650,000 / YEAR
Saadiyat, ABU DHABI

Bedrooms: 4 / Baths: 5 / Sq Ft: 5737